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Fields of application

At Techflow Europe, we are convinced that Digital Signage is the communication/advertising device of tomorrow. It can actually be used in any kind of environment and is suitable for all purposes, the only limit being your own creativity.

To stimulate your imagination, let us show you a few examples of Digital Signage applications :


You can install digital signage in your company's offices to keep your staff informed in real time. You can even connect the digital signage to your own intranet.


For retailers who currently use or wish to use point of sale advertising, Digital Signage surely is the next big think. Thanks to this appealing and interactive way of displaying your ads, you will reach your target audience in a whole new way and increase your sales.

Public Transports

Public transport infrastructures requires the display of many ever-changing information, and giving them all at once on a static board can be confusing for the travelers. By installing a digital signage network you could easily display these kinds of information in real time and and quickly update them.


Restaurants can make good use of Digital Signage too. For example you, can take advantage of their interactive touchscreento allow your customers to browse the menu and send their order directly to the kitchen while they are waiting. Displaying your meal of the day with high definition pictures or even videos can also be a good way to reach your audience.


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Custom Made Digital Signage

Tuned Standard Range Digital Signage


Techflow is known for its flexibility in the applications of our standard Digital Signage units. For example the material finish of a specific kiosk can be applied on any other, even very different design.

Furthermore, the appliance of a floor standing kiosk can be adjusted to a wall-mounted or even a ceiling-mounted screen. This way, floor standing and wall-mounted units can be fused from one design to a complete design line. Every design we have in our standard range can be adjusted to another orientation, mounting or finish.


Tailor Made Digital Signage


In addition to our (Tuned) Standard range Digital Signage units we design tailor made Digital Signage kiosks totally enquiring the needs of the customer. Every design, application or any other requirement is a challenge for Techflow that we are enthusiastic to enter into.

Total custom solutions can be engineered and manufactured by Techflow.


Here are some examples of the features you can change at will :



Custom Design

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